About us

Our Mission

Student Action is a national network of student power organizations dedicated to fighting for racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice on our campuses and in our communities. We develop student leaders to not just run campaigns, but to build powerful, self-sustaining organizations capable of challenging institutional power.

Our aim is to build the national student power infrastructure we need to mobilize a mass movement to transform our universities, economy, and society. We envision a world in which all people live free from oppression and in which our society and institutions work for everyone, not just corporations and the 1%. Students have been leaders in fighting to create this world before, and we believe that we can be leaders in creating that world now. This moment calls upon us to take bold action, and we are ready.

Our History

In the early 2010’s students in Chicago began working with the organization that is now The People’s Lobby. This student-community partnership was highly successful: students on campuses across Chicago won campus policing reforms, financial aid reforms, and student government elections. Students also played a significant role in keeping fracking out of Illinois and electing aldermen and state representatives.

As this organization (now known as Chicago Student Action) grew, these students wanted to expand on the success of this organizing model. In the summer of 2015 those same students teamed up with People’s Action (formerly National People’s Action), and through this partnership, Student Action was born. We have grown rapidly since, with over 40 active campus chapters in 13 states.